Auditing Organization – Food Establishment Audits

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has partnered with Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) to include Food Establishment Audits requirements under Auditing Organization (AO) scheme. Food Establishment Audit is applicable for organizations that wished to apply for food export certificates under SFA to sell, prepare, manufacture, distribute, store or packing of cooked or uncooked food which is intended for human consumption.

What is Auditing Organization – Food Establishment Audits?

The scope of food establishment audit covers audit of any place, or any premises or part thereof used for the sale, or for the preparation or manufacture for distribution and sale, or for the storage or packing for distribution and sale of food, whether cooked or note, intended for human consumption.

The Food Establishment Audits will be carried out against the current versions of the audit assessment checklist, and it cover areas but not limited to:

  • Premises (surrounding, ventilation, waste disposal, etc),
  • Storage facilities and practices,
  • Food processing equipment,
  • Food handling and staff facilities,
  • Product identification and traceability,
  • Dispatch and transport,
  • Product inspection and lab testing,
  • Management of allergen,
  • Implementation of food safety programs,
  • Product labelling.